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The printing, enveloping and distribution service for Suomi.fi messages is ready to be launched - here’s what you should know

Publication date 30.11.2020 15.16 | Published in English on 2.12.2020 at 8.02
Press release

The printing, enveloping and distribution service for Suomi.fi messages is now ready for commissioning and testing. Organisations utilising the service can start its test and production use on 1 December 2020.

The printing, enveloping and distribution service is only available for printing and mailing messages sent via Suomi.fi Messages. In other words, the use of the service requires that the organisation is using Suomi.fi Messages.  You can find the instructions on how to start using Suomi.fi Messages here https://palveluhallinta.suomi.fi/en/sivut/viestit/kayttoonotto/vaiheet.

If your organisation is already using Suomi.fi Messages, you can follow the instructions published in Suomi.fi Service Management to start using the printing, enveloping and distribution services: https://palveluhallinta.suomi.fi/en/sivut/viestit/kayttoonotto/tkj-palvelu.

Note that the customer ID is specific to the billing address

In connection with the introduction of the printing, enveloping and distribution service, Posti will send you a customer ID that is connected to your invoices. The customer ID is used both for testing and for sending the actual mail. Posti issues the ID as described at https://palveluhallinta.suomi.fi/en/sivut/viestit/kayttoonotto/tkj-palvelu.

When you send mail with a customer ID, you always receive a separate invoice for each shipment. The invoice is delivered to the billing address specified by the organisation.

If you wish to distribute the invoices connected to the Suomi.fi related mail in your organisation, apply for as many customer IDs as you need with different billing addresses.

This operating model differs from the model used with Edita since the invoicing ID no longer connects to the service ID defined for Suomi.fi Messages.

If your organisation has a Customer ID previously issued by Posti and the contract for it is no longer valid, you can also follow the above-mentioned steps to request the activation of the old ID for the printing, enveloping and distribution service. However, the ID must be "free" and not subject to another valid contract.

Additional information

Digital and Population Data Services Agency, Customer service for organisations, Organisaatiopalvelut[at]dvv.fi

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