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You may receive invoices in your Suomi.fi Messages inbox – make sure that notifications reach you!

Publication date 11.1.2022 10.52
Press release

As a user of Suomi.fi Messages, you will be sent an email notification when you have received a message in your Suomi.fi Messages inbox. If you are using the Suomi.fi mobile application, you will also receive a notification through the app.

​​​​​​Note that you may also receive invoices from public administration organisations in your inbox. An email notification about a new message will now also state that the received message contains an invoice. The notification also explains which organisation the invoice came from.

If you do not pay an invoice, the payment reminders will also be sent to your Suomi.fi Messages inbox. Pay attention and avoid additional payment reminders and other penalties.

A notification of a new message will be sent to the email address you gave when you activated the service. Make sure that your email address is up to date in Suomi.fi Messages.

Suomi.fi Messages is a secure way to communicate with public administration and other organisations using the service. As a user of the service, you will get messages electronically from the e-services that use Suomi.fi Messages. In addition to invoices, organisations using Suomi.fi Messages may send you information about decisions and other documents as attachments. You can read the messages by logging in to the Suomi.fi Web Service: https://suomi.fi

Suomi.fi Messages also works on mobile devices. Download the Suomi.fi application and receive the messages directly to your mobile phone!

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