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Suomi.fi e-Authorizations
In the OMNI360 patient information system by CGI, you can act securely on behalf of a child or another adult

Publication date 18.10.2021 9.30 | Published in English on 19.10.2021 at 16.53

Timeliness. Reliability. Safety and security. Last but not least, the amount of administrative work of health care professionals will be reduced. Here are the key benefits of the e-Authorizations service to customers of the CGI OMNI360 patient information system.

In the case of medical records, security is the primary priority. “From the perspective of health service organisations, the most important feature is to provide parents with secure access to services on behalf of minors. The e-Authorizations service always provides up-to-date information on taking into custody, non-disclosure order or the division of custody between parents. Thus, health care professionals can be assured that this person has the right to view the child's medical records,” says Marika Viuhko, Project Manager. She is responsible for the introduction of electronic health services at CGI. 

“If an adult who has no rights to view the information of a child that has been taken into custody could access the child’s address information, the child's safety could at worst be compromised,” Viuhko adds.  

In addition to the custody information obtained from the Population Information System, the e-service itself can set an age limit for a minor on whose behalf powers and mandates can be used. 

The health care professional saves working time – The service is smooth and easy to use the customers

The eAuthorizations service checks the child's custody information from the Population Information System.  This makes the services smooth and easy to use. The parents can immediately book an appointment for the child from the eServices portal or send questions to guidance centres through it and examine the child's laboratory results. “There is no need to go to the health station separately to conclude an agreement on acting on behalf of the child.”

It is also easy for health care professionals to administrate authorizations. They do not need to take care of paper contracts, verifying authorisations, and archiving contracts. Health care professionals will have time for the most important – customer work. 

The OMNI360 patient system also enables using services on behalf of another adult and senior 

With the Suomi.fi e-Authorizations, an adult can also give their trusted person an authorisation to manage all their health matters on their behalf. In the service, they can manage their own authorisations and, for example, grant an authorisation for a fixed term or even cancel it. The changes in the authorisations are immediately updated in the OMNI360 system and in other health care systems that utilise the eAuthorizations.

The OMNI360 patient information system also enables the use of services on behalf of persons who do not have means of electronic identification or digital skills, as the authorisation can also be granted by a proxy statement on paper. “This way, the OMNI360 by CGI will enable an even larger number of people to use electronic health care services.”

Ease of use and good data protection are praised 

You can log in to the e-Services portal using a strong Suomi.fi e-Identification. Suomi.fi e-Authorizations were integrated into the CGI systems in summer 2019. The first customers started using it in early 2020. According to Viuhko, everything has gone well, and the customers have given positive feedback. Especially its ease of use and good data protection are praised. 

“There is nothing but positive to say about eAuthorizations. The service has provided significant surplus value for the development of e-services, and eased CGI’s product development in terms of authorisation. We monitor customer preferences and potential new uses eagerly.”