Digital identity reform

The European Parliament is preparing an eIDAS Regulation that enables the implementation of European Digital Identity Wallets. The Identity Wallet could be used to demonstrate personal and other information safely and reliably throughout the European Union. 

The task of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency is to keep Finnish actors aware of the European Digital Identity Wallet and to introduce Finland's view so that it would be a part of the EU preparations.

Participate in the development

Join us in developing the European Digital Identity Wallet. In the open workspace, you can find information for organisations on the preparation of the Identity Wallet and how to participate.

Open workspace (in Finnish) 

Read more about the European Digital Identity Wallet

National digital identity reform

In 2020–2023, the Digital and Population Data Services Agency developed digital identity services for national use as part of a project by the Ministry of Finance. The publication and implementation of the services would have required changes to legislation. In autumn 2022, a Government proposal on legislation (in Finnish) enabling the use of a digital identity card was submitted to Parliament. Parliament did not have time to discuss legislative proposals facilitating the reform of digital identity before the end of the session in spring 2023. As a result, the reform was interrupted. The preparations for the European Digital Identity Wallet continue. 

Digital identity services developed by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency:

  • Wallet: A digital identity mobile application that uses a digital identity card and a transaction ID for foreigners.
  • Digital identity application: A digital identity card alongside a passport and electronic ID card, that is used for electronic and on-site transactions.
  • Digital ID for foreigners: A solution for foreigners to prove their identity in e-services.
  • Identification device: Means of identification in public services for those who do not use a mobile device.

Send an email to [email protected] and you will receive invitations to events and up-to-date information on the progress of the work.