Not enough time remains in the current session of the Finnish Parliament for legislative initiatives that would enable digital identity reform to be processed. Preparations for a European Digital Identity Wallet continue. This page will be updated soon. Read more.

Digital identity reform

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency is working with the Finnish Police to develop a solution for reforming digital identities as part of a project by the Ministry of Finance. This development work will result in a new, secure mobile application ( Wallet) for showing proof of identity when using in-person services and e-services of public and private actors. An alternative identification solution (Code Display) for using the electronic services of public administration will also be created for people who will not be using a mobile device for identification. These solutions will be new services.

The aim is to develop a digital identity solution for citizens to make everyday life easier. It adapts to the needs of a changing society and is suitable for new digital platforms as they develop. The solution takes different users into account and thus promotes equality.

The digital identity development project is underway from 2020 to 2023.

This video shows how the digital proof of identity can be used in practice. If the embedded video doesn't work, the video can be seen at out video portal.

The legislation

15.9.2022 a government proposal on legislation enabling the use of digital identity cards was submitted to Parliament. Read the proposal.

Press release 24.2.2023: Digital identity reform interrupted, need for digital identity solutions did not disappear

European Digital Identity Wallet

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency develops digital identity solutions so that they are interoperable with the future European Digital Identity Wallet and serve as a basis for its implementation in Finland.

Read more about the European Digital Identity Wallet

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Frequently asked questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions. You can also find more questions and answers on the Ministry of Finance website (in Finnish).