For each election, Digital and Population Data Services Agency establishes a register of eligible voters (a voting register) based on the Population Information System. In this context, it also posts the notification of eligibility (notification card) to each eligible voter.

The Population Information System is also used to check the details of candidates and to establish the register of candidates.

When there is an election in Finland, the Digital and Population Data Services Agency provides a Polling Station Service on this website. The service can be used to check the location of the nearest advance polling station and the polling station on the actual election day on the map. Unfortunately, this service is only available in Finnish.

Press release

Always inform us if your address changes to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency in Finland.

We will soon have an election and that's why its important that your address is correct. A notice of your right to vote will be posted to the address you have registered.

Parliamentary elections will be the next elections. Submit your new address by 30 Jan, 2023,  so that the notice will reach you at your current address. Every Finnish citizen

who has reached eighteen years of age not later than on the day of the election has the right to vote.

Further information and notification of move https://dvv.fi/en/moving-while-living-abroad

How to check your personal details registered in the Population Information System https://dvv.fi/en/check-your-own-personal-details .