Confirmation of gender

Confirmation of gender means that your gender entered in the Population Information System will be corrected to correspond to your gender identity.

We can confirm that you belong to another gender if the following conditions are met:

  • You are an adult.

  • You are a Finnish citizen or have a place of residence in Finland.

  • You write a separate account of your feeling of permanently being of the gender to be confirmed in the application.

 Your personal identity code changes at the same time when your gender is confirmed.

Do the following

1. Apply using our online form

You will need online banking codes or a mobile certificate to use it. 

Online form (in Finnish)

Are you unable to handle your matter online?

Contact us by calling our national service number +358 295 536 220. We serve on weekdays 9–15.

2. Read the information package

We will send you information on the impacts of confirmation of gender and changing your personal identity code either by post or in Messages, if you have enabled it. Please read the information package carefully.

3. Confirm your application using the online form

Confirm your application at the earliest 30 days and no later than six months after submitting the application. The easiest way to do this is by using our online form. 

If you do not confirm your application, we cannot confirm your gender and the matter will lapse. 

Online form to confirm the application (in Finnish) 

Are you unable to handle your matter online?

Contact us by calling our national service number +358 295 536 220. We serve on weekdays 9–15.

4. We will make a decision.

If the decision is positive, we will register the data in the Population Information System and change your personal identity code. Your new personal identity code can be found on a certificate from the Population Information System which is attached to the decision.

If you are married or in a registered partnership at the time of confirmation of gender, your form of partnership remains unchanged. We will notify your spouse of the confirmation of your gender.

Need help?

See frequently asked questions at the bottom of the page.

Telephone service number is +358 295 536 220 

Service hours: Mon–Fri 9–15.

Processing time

We will send you an information package without delay when your application has arrived. 

We will resolve your confirmed application in about two weeks.

Do you want to apply for a change of forename at the same time?

The change of forename in connection with gender confirmation is free of charge when you change your forename for the first time to match your gender identity.

Do you want to change your parenthood title? 

Parenthood title means the information recorded in the Population Information System on whether the parent is the father or mother of the child. You can apply to change it at the time of or after confirming your gender. You may choose which of your children the change concerns.


Free of charge

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