Name service

In the Name service, you can search for the number of occurrences of forenames and surnames recorded in the Population Information System. You can also view name statistics for different periods of time. You can search the service for forenames, surnames, the most common forenames and the most common surnames.

The service gives you rough estimates of the number of the names. However, if you search for a rare name in the service, the Name service will not give you exact numbers of the occurrence of the name for reasons related to privacy protection. This way we will not give a false picture that a certain name has established itself as a name of a particular gender. The service will also not tell you whether someone else has already applied for the newly coined name you would like to adopt.

We and the parishes decide on registering the names in the system. When the name is a rare name, we will make the decision on a case-by-case basis.

Name service

Information about names on the website

Familiarise yourself with names and the statistics related to them in more detail on the (open data) website.


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