Data repositories of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency 

The data available to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency is stored in the data repositories and case registers listed below. If possible, specify in your information request the repository that your request concerns. 

For more detailed information on the contents of the registers, see the Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s privacy statements.   

Population information 

  • Population Information System 
    • Population information 
    • Building, real estate and dwelling information 
    • Family data register (population data collected before the introduction of the electronic population information system) 

Certain registers of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency  

  • Register of guardianship affairs
    • Guardianship information
  • Register of prenuptial agreements and donations  
    • Prenuptial agreements 
    • Donations
    • Official journal of Finland (old prenuptial agreements 1930-)
  • Register of the right to officiate weddings
    • Details of the right to officiate weddings 
  • Register of cohabitation affairs  
    • Cohabitation affairs (cohabitation documents) 

Service and customer information 

Mandate data repository  

  • Mandate register ( e-Authorizations) 
    • Mandates for transactions

Finnish Service Catalogue 

  • Finnish Service Catalogue ( Finnish Service Catalogue) 
    • Public administration service information
    • The information can be found on the website 

Project data repository  

  • Joint management service for central government project portfolio (Project portfolio service privacy statement (in Finnish)) 
    • Project information
    • Contains basic information on major development projects and project updates. The service is used to monitor project progress and the realisation of the benefits arising from them.

Certificate data repository 

  • Certificate management system (Privacy statement of the certificate management system
    • Certificates created by the certifying authority 
    • Signed certificate revocation lists  
    • Directory of valid certificates 
    • Certificate revocation service information  
    • Revocation list service for revoked certificates 
    • Certificate and smart card management information 
    • Different types of certificates:
      • Citizen certificates 
      • Organisation certificates 
      • Server certificates  
      • Biocertificates 
      • Temporary certificates 

Platform for management of shared data (Interoperability platform)

Appointment services 

Open data repository