Comprehensive marriage certificate

A married couple can, on request, obtain a comprehensive marriage certificate from the officiator who performed the ceremony. The certificate may only be drawn up for marriages performed by an officiator from the local register office and the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, or an officiator who was separately appointed by the local register office or Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

If either or both of the spouses have citizenship or a domicile in another country outside Finland, a wedding certificate may be required for the registration of the marriage in that country. Finnish citizens living in Finland have the option of ordering a certificate to commemorate their marriage ceremony.

The comprehensive marriage certificate contains the following information:

  • The first names and surnames of the married couple before the marriage ceremony

  • The dates of birth of the married couple

  • Information on any non-Finnish citizenship or dual citizenship

  • The surnames that the married couple will use after the marriage ceremony

  • Place and date of the marriage ceremony

  • The officiator’s signature, name in block capitals, and title

The certificate can be issued in Finnish, Swedish, or English.

If the certificate does not need to include any details about your place of marriage or officiator, you can order a limited marriage certificate that will demonstrate that your marriage has been registered in Finland. Please note that this service is only available to individuals possessing Finnish personal identity code. For more information, visit the following page: Certificates from the Population Information System.

Do the following 

You can order your certificate electronically if you have a Finnish personal identity code and online banking codes or a mobile certificate.

Place an order using our online form

You can also order a copy by email or phone. Be prepared to provide the following information when you place your order:

  • Names and dates of birth or Finnish personal identity codes of the married couple

  • Date of the marriage ceremony

  • Place (municipality) of the marriage ceremony

  • Language of the certificate (Finnish, Swedish, or English)

  • Does the certificate need to be legalised with an Apostille certificate?

  • Contact information

How to obtain your document

  • If you intend to present your certificate in another country, ask for your certificate to be mailed to you by post. We will send you a signed and stamped paper certificate. Ask your intended recipient whether the certificate needs to be translated and/or legalised. 
  • If you wish to order a certificate to commemorate your wedding day, we will send an electronically signed copy to you by email.


  • EUR 70/copy

  • The price of an Apostille certificate is EUR 36/document

Processing time

  • The processing time for orders is 1–4 weeks (+ mail delivery).

  • We will notify you if the processing time is longer.

Contact us


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