Other certificates issued by the notary public

You can apply to the notary public for a life certificate if you are do not reside permanently in Finland or, for example, if a foreign pension insurance company requires the certificate. The notary public also issues certificates of the content of Finnish law and authenticates curricula vitae.

You need a life certificate issued by a notary public for an estate inventory if you are not registered in Finland. If you receive pension from abroad, the foreign pension insurance company may also sometimes require a life certificate attested by a notary public.

You may need a certificate of the content of Finnish law if an authority in a foreign state requests you to prove what Finnish law provides on a specific matter.

The notary public can authenticate your curriculum vitae if you need it for purposes such as looking for work.

Do the following

  • When you order a certificate of the content of Finnish law, first find out in as much detail as possible what the foreign authority requiring the certificate wants you to prove with the certificate. You can request a certificate of the content of law by phone or email.
  • The authentication of your curriculum vitae requires that you present to the notary public the original certificates for everything you mention in the curriculum vitae, even your proficiency in your mother tongue.
  • To obtain a life certificate, you must visit the agency in person and prove your identity.
  • Book an appointment with a public notary through the electronic appointment booking service.
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  • A life certificate costs EUR 18.
  • The fee for the certificate drawn up of the content of Finnish law is EUR 80 per hour.
  • The authentication of a curriculum vitae costs EUR 70.

Processing time

  • If the notary public is available, you will get the life certificate while you wait.

  • It is usually not possible to get a certificate of the content of Finnish law while you wait, so be prepared to wait for a few days.

  • The authentication of a curriculum vitae may take several days.

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