Test the use of a certificate 

The certificate test service is current unavailable due to maintenance work. A renewed test service will be available in early 2020.

In the certificates test service, you can log into a test page using your certificate, test your certificate and your card reader as well as try out the use of an electronic signature.

The certificates test service can be used with all Digital and Population Data Services Agency issued certificates. Before testing the certificates, the card reader and card reader software must be installed to the workstation.

At the start of its activities, the Digital and Population Data Services Agency will continue to issue certificates under the name of the Population Register Centre. In the future, certificates will be issued under the Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s name.

Instructions for use of test service

  • Place your card in the card reader and wait for the card reader software to read the certificates on the card.

  • The server will request confirmation of the certificates used in identification; select the authentication and encryption certificate and select OK.

  • Give PIN1 (basic pin code) and select OK

  • You are now logged into the test service.

Even though the service in question is a test service, you must enter the correct PIN codes. If you try to use an electronic signature in the text service, the test service will ask for the PIN2 code meaning the signature pin code. If you enter the pin code incorrectly five consecutive times the pin code will be locked. A locked card’s PIN codes can be unlocked with a PUK unlocking code or an activation code.

If the test service does not work in the browser you have selected, we recommend that you use a different browser.

Status of telecommunications

The status of each certificate’s telecommunications can be viewed by typing ”http://ocsp.fineid.fi/x/status” into your browser’s address bar. In place of x write the short name of the subCA to be tested.

E.g. vrksp4 = service certificates 2018: http://ocsp.fineid.fi/vrksp4/status

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