Registration of a deed of division of property

Registering a deed of division of property gives protection against the other spouse’s creditors. The registration is not obligatory and it has no effect on the validity of the division of property. 

The division of property can be carried out after the death of the other spouse, or after a divorce has been filed. The purpose of the division of property is to determine the property subject to marital rights to property and to divide it between the spouses. 

The division of property is documented in the deed of division prepared as part of the process.

If in the division of property, one of the spouses has handed over a substantially larger amount of property than what he or she was obliged to hand over and later becomes bankrupt, the spouse that received property can also be required to pay the debts. The party receiving property is provided protection against the creditors of the spouse handing over property if the deed of division has been submitted to us for registration. 

You can request us to register your deed of division of property at any time after the division of property.

Do the following 

1. Draw up the deed of division of property. You can use the services of a lawyer or a public legal aid office in the preparation of the document. By using the services of a professional, you can ensure that the agreement meets all legal and other formal requirements. Unfortunately, the Digital and Population Data Services Agency cannot help in the preparation of the agreement. 

2. Print out and complete the application for registering the deed of division of property. 

Application form (the form is in Finnish) 

3. Send the application and the original deed of division to the address below or bring them to the mailbox of any of our service locations. Do not send any documents by email because we need the original documents. 

4. We will return the original deed of division to you by post. The registration certificate and the invoice for the registration will be sent separately.


In 2023: EUR 70.

We will send the invoice to service or to OmaPosti. If you are not a user of these two services, we will send the invoice by post. 

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