Registration of a foreigner's personal data in the Population Information System

Foreign citizens' personal data can be registered in the Population Information System if the conditions for this are met. Read more about the conditions in the section "Who can get a personal identity code?”. When you register, you will be given a Finnish personal identity code. In Finland, a personal identity code is used to identify persons. The code consists of your birth date and four unique characters. Other data recorded in the Population Information System includes your name, date of birth, gender, citizenship, birthplace, mother tongue and address. In addition, information on your spouse, children and parents may be entered under certain conditions. You can read more about the personal identity code on our website


Who can get a personal identity code? 

You can get a personal identity code if you are staying in Finland legally and there are grounds for registration. Legal residence may be based, for example, on a residence permit, free movement in the EU, a visa or visa exemption. Grounds for registration include: 

  • working* or studying in Finland or other similar reasons 
  • a family member who already has a registered address in Finland 
  • Nordic citizenship if you move to Finland permanently
  • a residence permit or residence card issued to Finland by the Finnish Immigration Service or a registration decision on the right of residence of an EU citizen.  

If you have a residence permit or a residence card issued by the Finnish Immigration Service, or if the Finnish Immigration Service has registered your right of residence, you usually have already been issued a personal identity code. The Finnish Tax Administration may also have given you a personal identity code if you have received a tax number. However, if you want your address and family relations to be recorded, you must register at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.  

*Please note that you must have a right to work in Finland if you are applying for registration on the basis of an employment contract. Check your right to work on the Migri website


How do I register my address? 

Your address will be recorded together with your personal data. The address can be temporary, permanent or only used as a postal address.  

Temporary address 

A temporary address is valid for a limited time, and you are registered as living at that address for a certain time period. A temporary address is usually valid for one year at a time. 

Permanent address 

A permanent address means that you are registered as living at that address until further notice. The address is valid until you move to a different address and submit a notification of move. When a permanent address is recorded, your municipality of residence in Finland is also recorded. You can only have a permanent address and municipality of residence if you meet certain conditions. Read more about the registration of municipality of residence. 

Postal address 

You can register a postal address, which means that you are not registered as living at that address. A postal address can be used if you do not have a permanent address or if you want to collect your mail from a post office. 

Registering your address without a personal visit 

If you already have a personal identity code, you can register a temporary address in Finland by submitting a notification of temporary move to Finland at a post office or on the internet. Please remember to also enter the end date of the temporary address (up to 5 years from the date of the move). 


How do I get my marital status and family relations registered? 

You need to show official certificates to have your marital status and family relations recorded. Without the certificates, information about your family members or marital status will not be recorded in the Population Information System. If you are registering because a member of your family is living in Finland, you must show us an official certificate of the family relation, such as a marriage certificate or your child's birth certificate. The certificate must be original or reliably certified as original as well as legalised and translated if required. Read more about the legalisation of documents.  

Processing time

Registration of a foreigner, fast track service for specialists and growth entrepreneurs

  • 1–7 days.

Registration of a foreigner, employed or self-employed person

  • 2-3 weeks.

Registration of a foreigner, student

  • 5-7 weeks.

Registration of a foreigner, other; personal identity code and municipality of residence

  • 10-12 weeks.

Registration of a foreigner, other; personal identity code and temporary address

  • 10-12 weeks.

Do the following 

To register your personal data in the Finnish Population Information System, you must visit the Digital and Population Data Services Agency in person. If you want to request a personal identity code, or if you already have a personal identity code and you want to register an address in Finland and possible family relations for the first time, do the following: 

1. Complete the form titled The registration information of a foreigner, preferably before the visit. Print out the paper form in advance and bring it with you to the appointment.

  • Fill in the attachments if necessary. 

The registration information of a foreigner - Main form

Appendix A: Marriage or registered partnership

Appendix B: Child

Appendix C: Parents

2. Make an appointment with the Registration of a foreigner´s personal data service at  

3. Please bring the following documents with you: 

  • your valid passport or official identity card with a photograph of EU citizen or Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, or San Marino citizen
  • your residence permit card or some other proof that you have entered Finland legally 
  • a certificate of registration of the right of residence of an EU citizen   
  • an account on future work or studies in Finland, e.g., a certificate of student status or employment contract (employee, check your right to work)

  • if necessary, the original, legalised and translated certificates of family relations and other official documents containing information that you would like the Digital and Population Data Services Agency to record in the Population Information System. Remember to check if the certificates must be legalised and/or translated.  

4. Inquiries and email messages will not speed up the processing of notifications. We will contact you if we need further information. You will receive a confirmation from us once your data has been registered. Check that the data has been entered correctly. If for some reason we do not record the information you have submitted in the Population Information System, you will receive a decision on this. Instructions for submitting a request for administrative review are attached to the decision.

N. B.! Cases are processed in their order of arrival. Unfortunately, we cannot speed up an individual case unless there is a very exceptional and very important reason for doing so. For example, opening a bank account is not a sufficient justification for speeding up the process.


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