Citizen Certificate

You can use the ID card to prove your identity in various service situations, also when using e-services. You can also use an ID card to make an electronic signature. The card’s chip holds a Citizen Certificate that enables identification and signing.

You can use the Citizen Certificate to:

  • reliably log in to public sector e-services, such as MyKanta or MyTax
  • create an electronic signature
  • encrypt emails.

The Citizen Certificate must first be activated in order to use if for the above-mentioned matters.

To use a Citizen Certificate, you need

  • a computer
  • a card reader
  • a card reader software
  • personal PIN codes

Citizen Certificate cannot be used by phone.

Electronic transactions using the Citizen Certificate are secure. An electronically signed document is as legally binding as one signed by hand.

To whom and on what terms

A Citizen Certificate may only be issued to a Finnish national or a foreign national who is resident in a Finnish municipality as referred to in the Act on the Municipality of Residence (201/1994), whose details are stored in the Population Information System and whose identity has been reliably established. The foreign national must also either hold a valid residence permit or card or their right of residence must have been registered.

Do the following

Apply for an ID card from the police. If you are abroad, apply for an ID card from a Finnish mission abroad. More detailed instructions for applying can be found on the police website.

Once you have picked up the card and received the activation PIN code by post, you can activate the ID card. You will also need a chip card reader and a computer.

If you do not intend to use the Citizen Certificate for e-services or creating electronic signatures, the Certificate does not need to be activated.


The ID card is subject to a fee according to the price list of the Police.

Key terms

Frequently asked questions

Identification and signature certificates issued by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency meet the requirements under Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 and the Act on Strong Electronic Identification and Electronic Signatures (617/2009). The aim is to ensure high standards of information security and accurate identification in e-services. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency is a provider of an identification service that satisfies the requirements for high standards in its production of certificate-based identification tools. The Agency is, Finland’s first and, for now, only provider of signature certificates that are of an acceptable standard. Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom oversees the work of the CA.