Messages Messages is a centralised, digital channel for the public administration to communicate with citizens and companies. Messages enables an authority to send a digital message to a citizen or company irrespective of whether they wish to receive the messages in a digital format or on paper. Messages is a centralised message relay for authorities, which handles the delivery of messages to the end user in the manner and format they prefer. The client organisations can interface with the service in several different ways. The correct recipient is identified by means of a personal identity code or a business ID. The service also includes a printing, enveloping and mailing service for messages on paper.

The end users of the Messages service are all citizens and companies who receive messages from the authorities. For the end user, the service shows as a separate digital mailbox in the Web Service. In the mailbox, the end user can reply to the messages or start a new message thread, if the client organisation has allowed two-way messaging.

The Messages service is not intended for the exchange of messages from one authority to another nor for companies sending messages to their customers except in the case of statutory obligations.

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