Confirming and annulling parenthood

On this page, we will explain how and when parenthood can be acknowledged and how we will thereafter confirm parenthood. We also provide instructions on how to revoke parenthood. 

When should parenthood be acknowledged? 

The child's mother is the person who gave birth to the child. She doesn't have to acknowledge her parenthood. 

If the mother is married to a man when the child is born, the husband is automatically the parent of the child and there is no need for separate acknowledgement of paternity. In other cases, the parenthood of the other parent must be acknowledged and confirmed.

How to acknowledge parenthood 

You can acknowledge parenthood before or after the birth of the child. See the options below for more detailed information about your situation.

How to cancel or deny acknowledgement of parenthood before the birth of a child

If you have acknowledged your parenthood before the birth of the child, you can cancel the acknowledgement by notifying us in writing thereof before the child is born.

You may challenge the acknowledgement of parenthood by someone else if:

  • You are the mother giving birth

  • In your opinion, you are the parent of the child instead of the person who made the acknowledgement.

When you cancel your acknowledgement or deny the acknowledgement of another parent, we cannot confirm parenthood on the basis of acknowledgement during pregnancy. Instead, we will refer the matter to the child welfare officer for investigation. We will notify the person who acknowledged parenthood of the transfer, the mother giving birth and the person possibly submitting the notification of denial.

Annulment of parenthood after the birth of the child

Your parenthood may be annulled after the birth of the child if you are already the parent of the child and certain conditions described below are met. We can only annul parenthood in the situations below. Before we can do that, you have to deal with the child welfare officer. 

In some situations, the District Court may also annul parenthood. 

Processing time

On average, the processing time is five working days after all necessary documents have been submitted to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.


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