Certificates from the Population Information System

You can order certificates of your personal data for acceptable purposes of use. The certificates show your official information saved in the Population Information System.

You are not required to provide separate certificates when dealing with a Finnish authority. The authorities receive the necessary information directly from the Population Information System. 

Certificates ordered and delivered through the self-service are cheaper, and you receive certificates quickly. Prices can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Processing times 

  • 1 week (+ mail delivery time)
  • You can get an online certificate for use in Finland immediately through the self-service.

How to order certificates

You can order a certificate of yourself or another person for an acceptable purpose of use. Please note that you can use the self-service only to order a certificate for yourself or your dependants.  


  • You can order a standard certificate via the self-service. This means that the self-service certificate always has the same information and the selected optional information. We have listed the information on self-service certificates separately for each certificate type. If you need other information, order the certificate by email, phone or a form. You can find the certificate types at the top of this page.
  • When ordering a certificate via the self-service, you need online banking codes or a mobile certificate for the order. The self-service is a quick way to get certificates at a cheaper price. Please note that you can use the self-service only to order a certificate for yourself or your dependants.
  • Using an identification token issued by another EU country (eIDAS) you can order your own residence or birth certificate from the self-service.
  • You cannot cancel an order made in the self-service after payment.

Other channels for ordering

Check your data! 

You can check your personal data in the Population Information System from the Personal Data service. You can find your current personal data, name history information and property and building ownership information on the service. You can also check your residential history data saved in the Population Information System.

Personal Data service

If your personal data contains mistakes, you can correct your own given name, occupation, email address, native language and communication language. In other cases, please contact our customer service by phone at 0295 536 220 or visit a service location


You pay for the certificates when placing your order.

•    Electronic certificate from the self-service 12 € / document
•    Certificate from the self-service by post 20 € / document
•    Certificate and multilingual EU standard form by post 34 € / documents
•    Certificate and Apostille by post from the self-service 56 € / documents

E-mail, phone and visiting at the service location 
We send the invoice separately. If you visit one of our service locations, you pay at the service location.

  • Certificate 23 € / document
  • Report on family relationships 35 € / document and from the digitalized civil / population registers 70 € / document
  • Manually prepared certificate 70 € / document
  • Multilingual EU standard form attached to the certificate (translation assistance form) 14 € / document
  • Apostille 36 € / document

Contact us

Telephone service

Telephone number +358 295 536 230

Service hours:

  • Mon-Fri 9-15


Use secure email, if your message contains personal or otherwise confidential information. Choose this address as the recipient: [email protected]

Send secure email

You can take care of the following matters:

  • Certificates from the Population Information System
  • residence certificate
  • marriage certificate
  • life certificate
  • birth certificate
  • civil status certificate
  • list of residents
  • report on family relationships

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