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Guardianship of a minor child   

The property of a person under the age of 18 belongs to them, but their guardian acts as their trustee and is responsible for their financial affairs. When the value of the property owned by a minor exceeds EUR 20,000 and we are informed of this fact, we will enter it in the Register of Guardianship Affairs. In effect, we will begin monitoring the management of the minor’s property. 

How should the property of a minor be managed? 

The property of a minor must be managed carefully and systematically. It can only be used for their benefit and personal needs. The property owned by a minor does not remove their parents’ maintenance obligation. 

As a rule, the parents of a minor are responsible for the child's maintenance and personal needs, such as housing, clothing, food, education and ordinary hobby expenses.  

A minor is never required to participate in the maintenance of their parents or siblings. Only the pension income received by a minor can be used for their normal living costs, but their other property cannot be used without special grounds. These special grounds may include, for example, the guardian's reduced maintenance capacity due to illness, unemployment or other similar reason. 

The guardian of a minor may not 

  • mix the minor’s assets with another person’s assets 
  • donate the minor’s property 
  • loan or personally borrow from the minor’s assets without our permission. 

When do we begin monitoring the management of a minor’s property? 

As a person who is close to the minor, I am dissatisfied with the activities of the guardian. What can I do? 

Different parties may have differing views on how the minor’s affairs should be managed. This is particularly likely in situations where every party is not sufficiently familiar with the guardian’s role and duties. The guardian's duty of confidentiality may also cause distrust.  

In unclear situations, talk to the guardian first. You may be able to sort the issue through mutual discussion. If you cannot resolve an issue related to the management of the minor’s property through discussion, you can contact us. 

If the guardians disagree on custody-related issues, we recommend contacting their municipal social services. 

You can also file a complaint concerning the guardian’s activities with us. Please note that we do not usually investigate a complaint if  

  • it concerns a matter that occurred over two years ago 
  • the matter should be handled by another authority. 

When making a complaint, please note that the guardian usually has the right to be informed of the content of the complaint and who submitted the complaint.

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Laws related to the matter

Guardianship Services Act (442/1999)


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