Quality policy of The Digital and Population Data Services Agency

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency promotes the digitalisation of society, maintains population data, secures the availability of data, and provides services for the life events of its customers. Quality policy guides all our activities and we commit to complying with it.

The customer is most important to us

Our operations are customer-oriented and we want to produce a positive customer experience. When developing our services, we always take into account changes in the operating environment and their impact on our clients' requirements and expectations. We help our customers manage their affairs as smoothly as possible and find the best solutions for their own needs. We treat our customers equally and respectfully.

Your data is safe with us

We ensure that our operations and services are reliable, secure and meet data protection requirements.

We collaborate effectively

We develop services by network-based cooperation. We communicate actively not only to our customers but also to our stakeholders. We choose reliable partners and act in a reliable way.

Our management acts as a pioneer and takes care of the well-being and competence of our work community.

Our agency's management is committed to leading our operation openly and encourages personnel to find solutions that best benefit customers and promote digitalisation. The management ensures that competent people take care of your affairs. 

We strengthen trust in society

We provide reliable services that meet customer needs and are cost-effective. The services are produced in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. We contribute to good governance. As part of public administration, we are committed to building the preconditions for a good life for everyone.

Each member of our organisation will work to achieve our goals. Our main goal is a satisfied customer and continuous quality improvement. We commit to adhering to our quality principles in all our activities.



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