Certification of official competence

A notary public certifies the official competence (authority) of a signatory if the right of the person concerned to act, for example, on behalf of a company or a public authority has to be certified.

Do the following

  • Deliver the document signed by a public authority or a private organisation to one of the offices of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. You do not need to visit the agency in person, but you can also send the document to the agency by post. 
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  • If you deliver the document personally, book an appointment with a public notary through the appointment service. 
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  • The right of the signatory of the document to act on behalf of a public authority or a private organisation or the authority of a self-employed person will be examined.
  • The notary public will check the situation from different registers or directly from the organisation that issued the document.
  • A note confirming the competence will be recorded on the document and the notary public will sign the document.


  • 2024: The certification of competence costs EUR 25 per signature.

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