Digitally Secure Life

Through the Digitally Secure Life trainings, you can learn to act safely in dangerous situations within the digital world. The module contains trainings for organisations’ management, specialists and personnel.

Trainings for management and specialists

Risk management helps organisations to achieve their objectives and enables the formation of a secure working environment. The training examines what risk management means and how risks can be managed. In addition, it explores how all members of the organisation can be involved in the risk management process. The training is aimed at the organisation’s managers, digital security specialists and all who are interested in risk management. The online training lasts 30–60 minutes.

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An incident may arise, for example, from a natural phenomenon, a cyberattack, a power failure or human error. In this training, you will learn how to manage incidents and the continuity of operations as well as how to handle communications about the situation. The training is aimed at directors of organisations, digital security experts and persons responsible for services and processes. The online training lasts 30–60 minutes.

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Trainings for personnel

Digital security is a common concern for all of us. In this introductory training, you will learn to work safely in the digital world. You will learn to identify work-related threats and manage the risks arising from them. You will also learn to utilise the opportunities of the digital world. The online training lasts 30–60 minutes. Digitally Secure Working Life is the first part of the digital security training package.

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Do you know how to work safely in digital environments? It is actually pretty simple: Categorise the data and select the correct spaces and tools for processing it! In this training, we familiarize ourselves with the different types of data and the different spaces and tools that can be used to process them. You will also learn to communicate safely in social media. The online training lasts 30–60 minutes. Operate Safely in the Digital World is the second part of the digital security training package.

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The ‘Digitally Secure Life’ game


The ‘Digitally Secure Life’ game has now been released! It helps you learn digital security skills in an easy and fun way.


The first part of the game focuses on the digital safety skills needed in working life. Your task is to deal with everyday situations as an employee of the imaginary Municipality of Tyrskylä. Will you survive a working week full of digital security challenges?


You can download the game from app stores


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It takes approximately 30–60 minutes to play the game through to the end. If digital security issues are new to you, we recommend that you first complete the personnel training mentioned above.


New content will be produced regularly in the future.

An English and Swedish version of the game will also be released later on.



The ‘Digitally Secure Life’ game is an audited, digitally-secure game. It does not connect to the internet and does not require permissions from your device. The game does not collect personal data.




If you notice any problems with the game, you can contact [email protected]



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