Guidelines and publications of digital support


Ethical guidelines for digital support

The ethical guidelines for digital support have been compiled at the request of digital support providers. The guidelines present the obligations concerning the provider and the recipient of digital support. The objective of these guidelines is to promote safe and high-quality digital support which is carried out in mutual understanding of both parties.


Publications and surveys

Confusing digital service increases the need for digital support: new recommendations encourage investments in quality (10.12.2021)

A high-quality digital service is easy to use, and digital support is also available for using it. Using a confusing digital service, on the other hand, is not easy even to someone with digital skills. The recommendations published today by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency encourage investments also in the quality of digital services and digital support for businesses and communities.

Digital support recommendations

Read the digital support recommendations (pdf)

The Digital Support for Young People survey is published (30.8.2021)

Young people feel that they do not get enough support for learning how to use digital services. Being a digital native does not guarantee the ability to act in a digital world; instead, skills must be actively taught to young people. This is reflected in the survey published by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency on 30 August 2021 titled ‘The Digital Support for Young People’. The publication of the survey will launch the Digital Support Week, which focuses on the development of everyday digital skills from 30 August to 3 September 2021.