Replacement cards

A replacement card is intended to replace a lost, forgotten or broken certificate card.

The replacement card is used when the certificate card is broken or the employee cannot use it for other reasons. For example, the certificate card may be lost or forgotten at home.

The replacement card is only intended for temporary use. After use, the card is returned to the registration point where the blank replacement card can be reused. The period of validity for a replacement card is at most three months.

A replacement card can only be created for persons who have applied for a certificate card in the Vartti system.


What information does the replacement card contain?

Replacement cards are delivered to registration points as blank cards. Data is only uploaded to the cards when they are handed over to a user.

A temporary certificate containing the card holder's original certificate card data is assigned to the replacement card at the registration point. A replacement card can mainly be used to identify yourself in information systems in the same way as with a certificate card. On the other hand, a replacement card can not be used as a login tool in e-Identification.

In matters related to ordering replacement cards, the registration authorities may contact the Certificate Authority: [email protected]

In matters related to the use of the Vartti system or registrar rights, contact Vartti customer support: [email protected]


Do the following

Registration authority: how to order blank replacement cards

Order blank replacement cards via the Vartti system. The instructions can be found in the Vartti system under the name Replacement card instructions. Blank cards are delivered approximately one week after ordering them. Store blank replacement cards in the registrar's locked cabinet.

Registration authority: how to assign a replacement card for the user

  1. Make sure that the registration point has blank replacement cards.
  2. When the card applicant arrives at the registration point, identify the card applicant appropriately.
  3.  Assign the replacement card in the Vartti system for the card holder’s use. Specify the period of validity of the card when the card is delivered. The card holder selects and enters the PIN codes for the replacement card themselves.
  4. Clear the replacement card when the replacement card is returned to the registration authority.


Card user: how to start using the replacement card

  1. Go to the registration authority where your organisation's replacement cards are ordered. Bring a valid identification document, such as a Finnish ID card or passport.
  2. At the registration authority, the registrar will assign the replacement card for your use.
  3. Select and enter PIN codes for the replacement card at the registration point. Memorise the PIN codes.
  4. Return the replacement card to the registration authority when you no longer need it or it expires. After the return, the replacement card is cleared.

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