Notification of a gift in debt recovery situations

A gift notification can be drawn up on a gift of movable property between close relatives. After a gift notification has been submitted a period follows after which the donor’s creditors can no longer demand that the gift be returned.

When should I submit a notification on a gift? 

The donor or recipient should notify the Digital and Population Data Services Agency of a gift only if the following 4 points apply:

You should submit a notification as soon as possible after receiving a gift.

Note that we will not give an opinion on the content or validity of a gift. We register gift details based on the notification. We do not check the validity of the gift, and registration does not correct any formal errors.

If you wish to donate fixed eg. immovable property, contact the National Land Survey of Finland, which maintains the property register.

Do as follows 

1. Submit a notification of a gift to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. 

This is easiest to do online. For use of the online form, you will need online banking codes or a mobile certificate. 

Send a notification of a gift using an online form (in Finnish or Swedish)

You do not need to attach a deed of gift to the notification. 

Are you unable to handle your matter online? 

Fill in the notification form (in Finnish) and send it by post to Digital and Population Data Services Agency, PO Box 1003, FI-00531 Helsinki. 

2. You have notified us of a gift on the day the notification arrives.  

We will not give an opinion on the content or validity of the gift. Once a gift notification has been registered, we will send you a certificate of registration.

3. We will send you an invoice separately. 

4. Please also note that this notification does not contain any data for the tax authority. 

The gift tax return must be filed separately with the tax authority if necessary.


When one donor gives a gift to one recipient (the gift may include several types of assets, such as cars and shares): EUR 82.

When there are two donors or recipients: 2 x 82 euros.

Frequently asked questions

This is how you get the document:

You will receive a decision from us once your application has been processed. The decision will be sent to Messages. In this way, you can get notified of the decision as soon as possible. If you do not have access to the service, you will receive the decision by letter. When submitting your application, you can also choose to receive the documents by encrypted e-mail. We will also send the decision to the assignor, if they can understand the significance. We will return the original continuing power of attorney to you by letter. Check that all your details have been entered correctly.




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Laws related to the matter

Lahjanlupauslaki 625/1947 (Law on the promise of a gift)

Act on the Recovery of Assets to Bankruptcy Estates 758/1991

Laki Digi- ja väestötietoviraston eräistä henkilörekistereistä 1156/2019 (Law on certain registers of Digital and population data services agency)


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