Renunciation of inheritance in enforcement 

Only notify us of the renunciation of inheritance, if you have enforcement debts and you want to prevent the enforcement of your share of the estate in order to pay your debts. When you have renounced the inheritance before the enforcement decision was made and submitted the notification to us for deposit, your right to the inheritance or will may not be seized.  
Renunciation of inheritance in enforcement requires the following:  
You have not accepted the inheritance. 
You're renouncing your right to the whole inheritance. Your share of the estate goes to the heirs who come in your place.  
The enforcement decision has not been made yet.  

Do as follows 

1. You can prepare a free-form notification of renunciation of inheritance at any time. However, send it to us only after the testator has died. In the notification, please provide both your and the testator's name and personal identity code or date of birth. It is a good idea to ask for expert help in preparing the notification. 

2. Ask us to deposit your notification when the person leaving the inheritance has died.  

Please complete and print the form below. Post it and the free-form notification of renunciation to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, P.O. Box 1003, 00531 Helsinki, Finland.  

Request to deposit the notification of renunciation of inheritance  

3. You have deposited the notification on the day it arrives to us. We will process it within about one month and send you a certificate. In addition, we will send the invoice separately. 

4. Notify the estate administrator and its shareholders without delay of depositing the notification. 


Handling fee is EUR 35. 

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Renunciation of inheritance

Renunciation of inheritance in enforcement

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