Renunciation of inheritance

Heirs and beneficiaries of a will have the right to renounce their right to inherit. The precondition for the renunciation is that the heir must not yet have undertaken activities that can be considered to mean accepting the inheritance.

It is only necessary in situations where protection is sought against a distraining decision made by the enforcement authorities.

The right of the debtor to inherit or receive a legacy must not be distrained if the debtor has after the death of the testator submitted a notice of renunciation to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency for registration. When a distraining decision has been made, the debtor can no longer renounce their right to inherit.

It is not obligatory to inform the Digital and Population Data Services Agency of the renunciation of inheritance.

Do the following

  • Draw up the notice of renunciation in writing. The form of the notice is free, but it must include sufficient information on the testator. It is not possible to register the notice before the testator has died.
  • Fill in the request to record the renunciation.
    Request to record the renunciation
  • Bring the original notice of renunciation and the request form to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. The documents can be mailed to the service locations.
  • The original document will be returned to you when the notice has been registered.
  • When the notice of renunciation has been registered at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, inform the shareholders and the administration of the estate of it immediately.

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