Actions that require the permission of the guardianship authority

As a guardian, you will need permission for example to carry out the following actions which are significant with regard to your client:

  • the sale or purchase of a dwelling or right-of-occupancy
  • the sale or purchase of real property
  • division of property and distribution of an inheritance, if the estate of the deceased has not appointed an estate distributor.
  • pledging property as collateral and taking out a loan.

As a guardian, you will need a permit for the purchase and sale of a detached house on a rented lot, as well as for leases that will be entered into for more than five years at a time such as leases for farmland. The sale of forest will require a permit when the sale in question has not been included in a previously approved forest plan.

You will also need a permit for the renunciation of an inheritance or a will. The lending of a client’s assets is always subject to a permit.

Pursuing business and the acquisition of certain investment items are also subject to a permit. However, you will not need a permit for conventional investment items such as the acquisition of Finnish or ETA listed stocks or investment fund shares unless the fund in question is a specialised investment fund.

Before making any decisions concerning the tasks you are charged with, ask for your client's opinion, if it is important to do so and the hearing can be arranged with significant difficulty. However, a hearing will not be necessary, if your client is unable to understand the meaning or significance of the action. We recommend that you apply for a permit for an action in advance. However, you will need to attach a draft of your plan for the intended action, which means that a permit application process cannot be set in motion without a plan. We can also approve the implemented action after the fact, if it is in the interest of your client. However, the implemented action will not obligate your client before a permit has been issued.

This is what to do

Submit the signed and scanned application and its attachments to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency by secure email or by post or take it personally to your nearest Digital and Population Data Services Agency service location.

Permit application

  • The processing of your permit application will be faster if you submit all the necessary attachments at the same time with your application. Where necessary, we will ask you for supplementary data.
    We will send any request for supplementary data electronically to the Messages service or via email, by post as a letter or by phone.

Check list

  • Consider whether the planned action will benefit your client.
  • Discuss the matter with your client and find out their opinion on the matter, if the client is able to understand the significance of the matter.
  • Check whether you need a permit for the planned action.
  • Check that you have all the necessary attachments for the permit application. You will also need to attach a draft of the document for which you are seeking a permit. The attachments to the application may be copies.
  • Make sure that you are not disqualified as a guardian in carrying out the planned action. If you yourself or your close relative is a party the action, you will need to apply for a substitute guardian.


The price for a decision concerning the division of property or distribution of inheritance will be determined by the size of the net worth that is being divided.

When the divided net worth is

• at most 85,000 euros, the decision will cost 184 euros

• 85,000 – 170,000 euros, the decision will cost 324 euros

• more than 170,001 euros, the decision will cost 444 euros.

The price of the other permit decisions and the decision confirming the property management plan is 184 euros.

Processing period

Our goal is to handle the permissions of sale urgently. Otherwise the average processing time is two months.

As a rule, cases are processed in their order of arrival. In individual cases, the processing time may be less or more than this depending on the size and complexity of the matter. Processing times are longer when not all necessary reports have been included as attachments to the application.                 

Key concepts


A person who has been appointed by the decision of a district court or the Digital and Population Data Services Agency to manage a client’s financial and wealth-related affairs. A minor’s parents or other persons who hold custody of the minor are directly under law the minor’s guardians.

Public guardian

A government official, whose official duties comprise the performance of guardianship duties


A person the management of whose financial affairs the guardian is charged with

Guardianship authority

Digital and Population Data Services Agency Guardianship Services


A legal action, for example the sale of property, the distribution of an inheritance, leasing, the purchase of a dwelling or real property.

Frequently asked questions

Guardianship Services contact information


When sending an email, please use the Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s secure email to ensure that your information is sent securely. Select [email protected] as the recipient in the secure mail

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Postal address

Property inventories, annual statements and final statements must be sent to the postal address of the service location.

All other post to the Guardianship Service must be sent to the address:
Digital and Population Data Services Agency / Guardianship, PO Box 1001, FI-02151 Espoo

Telephone number

The telephone service is open 9.00-12.00 on weekdays

Service number +358 295 536 256

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