Marriage certificate

With a marriage certificate, you can prove that a marriage has been registered in Finland. A marriage certificate may be required, for example, when registering your marriage abroad. You can only order a certificate for yourself.

The certificate includes the following information:

Name, date of birth, marital status, address, current marriage, name of spouse and date of birth.

In addition, you can choose whether your previous names, your spouses previous names and your previous marriages will be shown on the certificate. You can choose to replace your date of birth with your personal identity code.

Do the following

The information shown on the certificates is taken from the Population Information System. You can check your personal information by using the Check Your Registered Data service.

You can order certificates after you have identified yourself in the service. You can identify yourself, for example, by using your online banking codes or a mobile certificate. You can pay the certificate by making an online payment.

If you are going to use the certificate in Finland, it will be delivered electronically. You can download the certificate in PDF format right after paying or the certificate will be sent to you in Messages. To have the certificate sent to you, you will need to have enabled Messages. Due to privacy reasons, the certificate will not be sent directly to your email.

If the certificate is required by an authority in a foreign country, the certificate will be posted to you. Your order will be processed within 2–5 business days, after which the Post will deliver the certificate.

Certificates from the Population Information System

Please note that if you are permanently living abroad, you cannot order certificates using the e-service. Instead, you need to contact Digital and Population Data Services Agency's Customer service for private customers.

In addition to the electronic service, you can order the certificate either by encrypted e-mail, telephone or by submitting a form. All electronic and printable forms can be found in the Forms section of our website

All certificates can also be ordered from any of our service locations in Finnish, Swedish and English, even while waiting. Certificates are also available in Spanish, Italian, French and German, with longer delivery times.



Ordering from self-service

  • Electronic certificate, 10 €/document
  • Certificate by post, 14 €/document
  • Certificate and EU standard form by post 24 €
  • Certificate and Apostille certificate by post 44 €

Using other channels

  • Certificate 18 €/document
  • EU standard multilingual form 10 €/document
  • Apostille certificate 30 €/document


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