Changing forename

You can change your forename by submitting an application for name change.

With this application, you can also change the order of your forenames or remove or add forenames.

You may not have more than four forenames. Names combined with a hyphen are considered as one name. The acceptability of rare forenames is always determined on a case-by-case basis.

You can apply for a new forename if you live in Finland. You can also submit an application for name change if you live outside Finland (in a country other than Denmark, Norway or Sweden) and you are a Finnish citizen.

You do not need to submit an application for name change if your forename has been changed outside Finland by a decision made by the authorities of another country. In that case, you can request that your name details should be entered into the Population Information System free of charge.

Do the following

You can submit the application for name change electronically in the name change service (Etunimenmuutospalvelu). Logging into the service requires strong identification. The service is in Finnish and Swedish.


If you submit the application in the electronic name change service, you must pay the processing fee at the same time.

You can also submit the application for name change on a form, in which case we will send you the invoice later.

Application form for name change

You can also send the application for name change by post or as encrypted email to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. You can also complete the application at a service location of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

When writing the name on the application, make a clear distinction between the letters that should be in upper case and those that should be in lower case.

Please note that your application for name change will be processed only after you have paid the processing fee. The fee will not be returned even if you cancel the application or your application is rejected.

You may be asked to provide additional information on the forename that you want to have. We may also request an opinion from the Names Board, in which case the processing of the matter will take longer.

We will notify you of the decision in writing. Your new forename will be entered into the Population Information System on the day when the decision is made and you can check the name in the Check your own data service.

You will receive a new Kela card after the name change but you must obtain a new passport, personal identity card and driving licence yourself.

If you are not satisfied with the decision, you have the right to appeal against it to an Administrative Court.


The processing fee for a change of forename is 55 euros.

If you haven’t paid the processing fee when submitting the application, we will send the invoice to you as a or by post. We will examine the application once you have paid the processing fee.

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