Average processing times of services for private customers

The processing time shown on this page is the current average for personal customer applications for which no additional clarifications are required.  
Some applications are processed somewhat faster than the average, and some slower. A longer than average processing time is often due to the fact that the application lacked information or attachments, and they were requested from the applicant. Processing can also become congested if there are many applications at once.

The processing time also depends on how quickly you pay the processing fee. However, the payment of the processing fee does not have any impact on the processing times of the reports on family relationships and certificates ordered from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency because they are only invoiced after we have processed your order.

In the e-service Certificates from the Population Information System you can order several certificates and get access to them immediately.

The processing times are updated twice a month, most recently 15 May 2024. 

Marriage and partnerships

The examination of impediments to marriage

Processing times

The examination of impediments to marriage takes at least 7 days.

At the moment, the processing time is 3-4 weeks.

If one of the spouses is a foreigner, the processing may take several weeks. At the moment, the processing time is 4-6 weeks.

The processing of a certificate issued for a marriage ceremony outside Finland takes an average of 4-6 weeks.

Registering a prenuptial agreement

Processing times

  • 7–8 weeks

Having or adopting a child

Processing times

Notification of a child's name

  • 3–4 weeks.

Confirming the acknowledgement of paternity and annulling husband's paternity

  • 5 days.

Confirming the acknowledgement of maternity

  • 7 days.


Processing times

Changing forename and surname

  • If the name change can be resolved automatically, the processing time is less than a day. At the moment automatic resolution is possible when you are applying for your own previous surname or common first names.
  • In other cases, the processing time is 1-5 weeks. The processing time depends on how quickly you pay the application fee.
  • If we need any supplements from you or a statement from the Names Board, the processing time may be 2-6 months.

Changing surname upon marriage 

You can ask our marriage experts about the processing times.

Notification of a child´s name

You can find the processing times on our Notification of a child´s name page.

Registration of a move

Processing time

Notification of move

Removal of an extra resident from an apartment

  • 2 months

Guardianship and continuing power of attorney

Processing time

Permissions of the guardianship authority

  • 1,5–3 months

Appointments of the guardianship

  • 5–6 months

In case of an application being filed to the District Court, the processing time will be longer than stated above.

Annual statements

  • 5–7 months

  • The audit of the 2022 annual statements is still in progress. Don't worry if you haven't gotten your audited statement back yet - you will get it as soon as we've verified it. We apologize for the delay.

    Please note that the annual statement for 2023 must be completed on time, i.e. no later than 31 March 2024, even if you have not yet received the audited statement for the previous year. You can submit the annual statement and its attachments most easily using the online form.

Confirmation of a continuing power of attorney

  • 2–3 months

Registration of a foreigner

Processing time

Registration of a foreigner, fast track service for specialists and growth entrepreneurs

  • 1–7 days.

Registration of a foreigner, employed or self-employed person

  • 3-5 weeks.

Registration of a foreigner, student

  • 5-7 weeks.

Registration of a foreigner, other; personal identity code and municipality of residence

  • 6-8 weeks.

Registration of a foreigner, other; personal identity code and temporary address

  • 6-8 weeks.

Registration of a municipality of residence 

Processing time

  • 2-3 weeks by online form.
  • 4-6 weeks by paper form.

Registration of family relations abroad (for example marriage, divorce, parenthood)

Processing time

  • 17-21 weeks.

Certificates from the Population Information System

Processing times 

  • 1 week (+ mail delivery time)
  • You can get an online certificate for use in Finland immediately through the self-service.

Report on family relationships

Processing time

  • 3 weeks

Death and estate inventory deed

Certification of the shareholders in an estate inventory deed

Processing time

  • 4 weeks

European Certificate of Succession

Processing time

  • 5 weeks

Registration of a death

Processing time

  • 2 days

Non-disclosure for personal safety

Processing time

  • 11 days