Managing PIN codes

Two personal PIN numbers are set on a certificate card during activation, i.e. when the card’s use is initiated. There are separate instructions for activation. This page contains instructions for cases where these personal PINs need to be changed or renewed for some reason. For example:

  • If you have forgotten your current PIN
  • If the PIN is locked, i.e. if you have entered an incorrect PIN five times in a row
  • or if you want to change your PIN for some other reason.

You can select a PIN of your choice for yourself.

  • The basic PIN (PIN1) can be 4-8 digits long.
  • The length of the signature PIN (PIN2) depends on the type of card: The length of the PIN on ID cards and organisation cards is 6-8 digits, while the length of social welfare and health care smart cards is 4-8 digits.

For security reasons, we recommend that the same number sequence is not used for both PIN1 and PIN2.


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