Certificates and cards for organisations

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency issues smart cards and their certificates intended for the use of organisations and communities.

An organisation’s employee can identify themselves in public administration e-services, such as the Finnish Tax Administration’s Incomes Register or Kela’s services, using a smart card. Smart cards are also used for logging into workstations and identification in information systems. These are used to verify information network users and their user authorisations, to encrypt e-mails and documents, as well as to use an indisputable electronic signature as provided in legislation. Smart cards can be equipped with access control technology that can be read remotely (RFID).

Smart cards include

  • organisation card
  • replacement card
  • test card

A replacement card is intended to replace a lost or broken smart card. A test card is suited for the testing of technical functionalities.

We also produce server certificates and e-mail certificates for use by organisations.

Certificate policies contain descriptions of the policies and operating principles of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency for issuing certificates. Certificate policy documents include certificate policy, certificate practices and the certificate description.