Marriage ceremony

If you are getting married and wish to have a civil marriage ceremony, you can ask the Digital and Population Data Services Agency to carry out the ceremony. The marriage ceremony can take place in the office premises during office hours or the officiator of the civil marriage ceremony can come to the marriage celebration venue also outside office hours.

At a Local Register Office (Digital and Population Data Services Agency's service location), the marriage of persons of the same or different sex is performed in accordance with the marriage ceremony script provided for in the Marriage Decree. A marriage ceremony that is performed at a Local Register Office can be officiated by the head of the Local Register Office, a district registrar or a public notary.

Before the marriage, impediments to marriage are examined. The impediment examination certificate must be submitted to the officiator before the marriage ceremony can take place. The engaged parties have to prove their identity to the officiator before the marriage ceremony. At least two witnesses 15 years of age or older must be present at the ceremony.

A marriage concluded in a registered religious community, District Court or Local Register Office is registered in the Population Information System upon notification by the officiator.

Officiating a marriage ceremony at a Local Register Office or in a place registered for marriages during office hours is free of charge.

Do the following

  • Impediments to marriage must be investigated before the marriage ceremony.
  • Book a time for the marriage ceremony online.
  • If you wish that the marriage ceremony is performed outside the working hours, please contact [email protected]
  • The certificate of non-impediment must be present in the marriage ceremony. If you have requested that the certificate of non-impediment is sent to your home, you must bring the certificate to the marriage ceremony.
  • Before the marriage ceremony, you must prove your identity with a valid proof of identity.
  • Two witnesses of at least 15 years of age must be present in the marriage ceremony. You must bring the witnesses to the ceremony. If you wish that staff members of the office act as witnesses, please contact the office and agree on this beforehand.



A marriage ceremony performed during office hours (weekdays 9.00-16.15) in the office premises is free of charge.

A marriage ceremony performed outside office hours is subject to a fee of 250 €. A marriage ceremony performed during office hours but outside of office premises is subject to a fee of 150 €. In addition, travel expenses of the officiator to the marriage ceremony location will be charged.

Links to laws related to the matter

Marriage Act (in Finnish)

Marriage Decree (in Finnish)


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