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Digital support providers can provide guidance and help with the use of a computer, mobile phone, tablet computer or other mobile devices. Guidance and help with the use of electronic services is also provided. The support can include courses on the use of devices or services, guidance events or one-on-one help in learning new digital skills. 

The authorities will help with using their own web services. Many digital support providers (e.g., libraries and associations) provide guidance on the use of both the authorities’ services and other web services. Authorisation is required for another person to use the web services on your behalf. 


Do you need digital support for the use of services?

Public Service Info will guide you to the correct authority and advise you on the use of services. Public Service Info will also help with issues related to the healthcare smart card.

See the website to search for a service location that suits your needs and provides digital support:

  • Digital support providers in the service

  • Digital support providers on the map

  • See also: Web Service instructions and support

Are you a digital support provider or developer?

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency acts as the national developer of digital support and as a supporter of digital support providers. The digital support pages contain information on the needs and operating environment of digital support as well as learning and support materials for developing digital support. 

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