Test cards

Test cards are used to test the technical functions of the chip on the certificate card in connection with applications or system development projects or when the organisation is introducing certificate cards. Test cards can be used to test functions such as logging in to different information systems and applications or using card readers. Test cards only work in test systems and the test cards do not contain real personal data.

The data content of test card certificates is otherwise the same as the data content of production certificates. Currently, certificate cards use RSA technology

Do the following:

Order the test cards you need via e-services. If your organisation does not yet have an e-services account, you can create one by registering for the service.

To e-services

About ordering test cards

One order may include up to 20 test cards. There are five types of test cards:

  • social welfare and healthcare professional test card
  • non-regulated social welfare and healthcare worker test card
  • non-clinical social welfare and healthcare personnel test card
  • organisation test card
  • test card with citizen certificate (ID card)

Test cards are issued for test identities. They contain test subject information, such as name and practice right

The person ordering the card cannot influence test person’s data, such as name or personal identity code.

The range of test identities is limited. For example, the selection of health and social services professional test cards contains a limited number of different practice rights and test personal data.

The test cards are delivered in the order they were ordered in. Occasionally due to high demand, delivery times may be exceeded.

Test cards with ECC chip

Test cards usually have an RSA certificate, which certificate cards currently in production also have.

For future chips, the range also includes test cards with the ECC certificate. The ECC test cards are intended for testing ECC features only. There are two types of ECC test cards: organisation test card and social welfare and healthcare professional test card under the professional practice right of a physician.

If you need ECC test cards, indicate in the "More Information" section of your order what type of test cards you are ordering when ordering cards in the e-services.

Revoking test cards

Like other certificate cards, a test card certificate can be revoked.

To revoke a test card:

1. Send us the details of the test cards you want to revoke by email to varmennepalvelut(at)dvv.fi. Notify us of:

  • Title on card
  • Test subject name
  • The two sets of numbers found on the front and back of the card

2. After the revocation is complete, a confirmation message will be sent to your email address.

Test card prices

Organisation test cards €50/card

Citizen Certificate test cards (electronic ID card) €50/card

Non-regulated social welfare and healthcare worker test cards €23/card

Non-clinical social welfare and healthcare personnel test cards €23/card

Social welfare and healthcare professional test cards are free of charge.

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