Mandate service provided by officials (authorisation with an application)

When should a mandate be registered via a mandate application?

In the mandate service provided by officials, parties that cannot independently grant mandates in e-Authorizations can grant electronic mandates and act on behalf of other parties. 
Parties that grant mandates through a mandate application include public administration and municipal organisations, foreign companies and persons who do not have electronic identification tools. 

A complete list of parties who must grant mandates through an application is available in the Web Service.

Organisations: authorisation with an application 

If a company, association or some other organisation cannot independently grant mandates in the online service, an official can register or invalidate the mandate on the basis of a mandate application.

With a mandate application, you can give

  • a right to grant a mandate, in which case the person granted the mandate can manage the mandates independently that the company or organisation grants to others in e-Authorizations.
  • a representative’s right to grant a mandate, in which case the person granted the mandate can manage the mandates granted to the company or organisation in e-Authorizations and grant mandates to represent.
  • a mandate for transactions, if the use of e-Authorizations is not possible due to, for example, a lack of skill or the representatives not having means of identification for electronic services.

The assignor can cancel the mandate they have granted independently in the online service or with an invalidation application with the assistance of an official. The assignee can invalidate a mandate they have received independently in the online service. An individual can also approve any mandate requests they have received when they visit a service location.

Individuals: assisted authorisation 

If you cannot grant a mandate in the online service independently because of lack of competence or identification tokens, for example, you can use assisted authorisation. The easiest way to grant mandates is to approve a mandate request that the person you have selected as the assignee has made in e-Authorizations. You can accept a mandate request by visiting a service location of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

If you are not able to visit a Digital and Population Data Services Agency service location in order to approve the mandate request, you can submit a mandate request either yourself or together with your assistant on the Authorisation with an application page. Your assistant may be either the desired assignee or some other person. With a mandate application, you can grant a mandate for transactions that a person or organisation of your choice can use to act on your behalf in services that utilise e-Authorizations. You can cancel a mandate you have granted with an invalidation application.

Do the following 

1.  Before submitting your application, check the details and instructions of the matters for which a mandate can be granted.

 Check the mandate themes for individuals 

 Check the mandate themes for organisations  

2.    The service’s instructions will advise you on what information and documents you need for your application and how you can submit or deliver the application for processing. The instructions will be modified based on your selections. 

 Instructions for the application 

Fill in the mandate application in

Mandate service provided by officials 

3. Mail the signed printout of the mandate application and all necessary attachments for processing.  

The application cannot be processed until you have provided all the necessary information and submitted the necessary documents as attachments to the application.  

The person who has received a right to grant mandates can manage the organisation’s mandates for transactions independently in e-Authorizations

A company or an organisation should first apply for rights to grant mandates for their employees. Once the rights to grant mandates for the desired mandate themes have been registered, these persons who have been granted the right to grant a mandate can independently grant mandates to these mandate themes for other persons in e-Authorizations.

After the rights to grant a mandate have been registered, the company or organisation can manage its mandates related to these mandate themes independently, without the support of the mandate service provided by officials. 

New mandate themes always require a new application

If you are applying for more extensive mandates than the original mandate application, you must obtain a verifiable approval from the assignor. In other words, if mandate themes are missing from your mandate application, you need a new mandate application that the assignor signs.

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