Moving abroad in another address

A Finnish citizen must always inform us when her or his address changes either in Finland or abroad. Submit a notification of move using the instructions on this page when you move abroad from an address to another. You may move from one country to another or within one country.  

It is important that you notify your foreign address so that the Finnish authorities can reach you more quickly in matters concerning you, such as pension decisions and military service letters. You can also get a passport faster. 

Notification of a change of address of a Finnish citizen living abroad 

If you cannot use the web form, you can contact the mission or the DVV service location.

We will soon have an election and that's why its important that your address is correct. A notice of your right to vote will be posted to the address you have registered.

How to check your personal details registered in the Population Information System .



Do you also receive notification of voting rights in electronic form in messages?

If you use messages, you will receive notification of your right to vote in messages in electronic form instead of paper mail.

If you want to receive notification of your right to vote in the 2024 presidential election electronically, activate messages no later than December 7, 2023.

Activate the service at
You need Finnish bank credentials or a mobile certificate to log into the service.

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