Population information services for organisations

The Population Information System contains the personal data about Finnish citizens and foreign citizens residing in Finland on a permanent or temporary basis. The system also contains the information on buildings, construction projects and dwellings as well as the details of the real estate in which the buildings are located.

You can obtain Population Information System data for your organisation’s needs from large sets of personal and building data to individual Population Information System items.

Sampling and update service: when you need a lot of data

Organisations in public administration

Customised data deliveries

  • With the sampling and update service, a public sector actor can obtain information from the Population Information System based on their desired search criteria, for example, for the implementation of a questionnaire survey and keep their customer database up to date.

Continuous update services

Private businesses and non-government organizations

Search services of the Population Information System: when you need individual items

There are two search services in the Population Information System:

  • VTJkysely is a browser-based application that can be used by the organisation's employees to retrieve individual data items from the Population Information System. VTJkysely is suitable for an organisation that does not have the need or possibility to retrieve data from the Population Information System for processing in its own organisation's information system.
  • The VTJkysely interface is a service that is integrated with the organisation's own information system. The VTJkysely interface is suitable for an organisation that wants to process data in a system tailored for its own purposes.

Population Information System self-sampling services

  • Data extraction for municipalities is a self-service application offered to municipalities, which makes it possible to extract personal data needed by the municipality for the performance of statutory tasks and to contact inhabitants of the municipality.
  • Resident sampling service is a self-service application offered to property management offices and maintenance companies that can be used to sample the resident situation in a housing company, a building owned by it or an individual apartment. 

Please remember to familiarise yourself with the prerequisites for using Population Information Services before deploying Population Information Services.

Links to Acts

Laki väestötietojärjestelmästä ja Digi- ja väestötietoviraston varmennepalveluista (Act on the Population Information System and the Certificate Services of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, 661/2009)

Data Protection Act (1050/2018)

Valtiovarainministeriön asetus Digi- ja väestötietoviraston suoritteiden maksuista vuonna 2024 (Ministry of Finance Decree on Fees Charged for Digital and Population Data Services Agency Performances in 2023, 1142/2023)


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