VTJkysely interface

Through the VTJkysely interface, a public or private organisation can retrieve real-time data from the Population Information System directly into its own information system.

The VTJkysely interface is suitable for an organisation that wants to e.g.

  • check basic customer information
  • offer their clients electronic services 
  • verify data during application processing.

The Population Information System data disclosed to the organisation and their purpose of use are always agreed on a case-by-case basis with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.
The VTJkysely interface is not intended for regular or extensive updating of data in one's own register or for other mass surveys. For these purposes, the Digital and Population Data Services Agency's update services for customer registers of public administration and private companies and organisations are suitable.

Data in the VTJkysely interface is retrieved and received as XML messages. For more information on the technical implementation of the interface, see the page Technical implementation of the VTJkysely interface and using the service.

If you want an alternative to a direct VTJkysely interface, you can also contact companies granted the right to relay information retrieved through the VTJkysely query interface and ask them about services based on VTJ information. View the list of these companies: In this case, the permit processing may be lighter and faster.

Read the following before submitting an application

Do as follows

Before registering for the service, read more about the Digital and Population Data Services Agency's services and the terms and conditions of e-service on our customer website.

Apply for a data permit in e-services 

  1. Go to the e-services
  2. a) If you have already signed up for a client account, log in when you sign up using the email address and password you entered or using Suomi.fi e-Identification. If you do not remember your password, click the "Forgot your password" link.
    b) If you have not yet registered for a customer account, press the Register button.
  3. After logging in, select the "Fill in a new application" section from the top bar of the e-service.
  4. Choose the appropriate tab depending on whether you represent public sector or businesses and organisations.
  5. Next, select "I would like to search the Population Information System".
  6. Select "Data permit application for the Population Information System interface" from the menu that opens and press the "Start" button.
  7. Fill in the application. You can only submit the form for processing after all the required fields have been filled in. Check that all fields are marked with a green symbol indicating that the field is correctly filled in.
  8. Finally, check the information you entered and press the "Send to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency" button.

If you need help in preparing the application for the data access authorisation (for example, in the specifying of the data content), you can contact

For example, municipalities, joint municipal authorities for social welfare and health care and hospital districts can order the service in the e-service using a slightly more straight-forward procedure, as they have an indefinite umbrella permit for the VTJkysely interface. N.B. This application can only be done in Finnish or Swedish. 

Processing time

Processing of the application for a data access authorisation for the VTJkysely interface takes about three months. The processing includes any requests for supplementary information, negotiations and the assessment of the applicant’s technical system.


  • Local and central government authorities as well as welfare authorities can use the VTJkysely interface free of charge. 

  • For other public sector customers and private sector customers performing statutory tasks, the use of the VTJkysely interface is invoiced on the basis of the number of surveys conducted on a monthly basis. 
  • In addition, public sector customers are charged an establishment fee for the VTJkysely interface.
  • Businesses and private organisations are charged a fee for the queries made in the VTJkysely interface. The cost of each query depends, among other things, on the scope of the content of the data. The cost of setting up the connection is also charged from the customer organisation. 

Frequently asked questions

Links to Acts

Laki väestötietojärjestelmästä ja Digi- ja väestötietoviraston varmennepalveluista (Act on the Population Information System and the Certificate Services of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, 661/2009)

Data Protection Act (1050/2018)

Valtiovarainministeriön asetus Digi- ja väestötietoviraston suoritteiden maksuista vuonna 2024 (Ministry of Finance Decree on Fees Charged for Digital and Population Data Services Agency Performances in 2023, 1142/2023)

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