Municipality of residence for a Nordic citizen

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What is a municipality of residence?

Finland is divided into several administrative regions called municipalities. A municipality of residence is usually the municipality where you live. 

When you have a municipality of residence, 

  • you usually have the right to use the services provided by your municipality of residence, such as public health care or children’s day care
  • you can get a Finnish identity card and a driving licence 
  • services provided by authorities or receive financial benefits or subsidies. 

When can a Nordic citizen receive a municipality of residence?

You can get a municipality of residence if the following conditions are met:

  • You have arrived in Finland.
  • You are planning to live in Finland for at least one year. 

To get a municipality of residence, you must visit a service location in person.

Do as follows

I do not yet have a Finnish personal identity code:

If you do not yet have a Finnish personal identity code, read the instructions on our Registration of foreigners page. 

I already have a Finnish personal identity code:


A) Use the online form to apply for a municipality of residence 

Apply for a municipality of residence here

You must also personally visit a service location of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. The confirmation message for your reservation will tell you what you need to bring with you to the appointment.


B) You cannot use the online form

Request registration by filling in and printing a paper form.

1. Fill in and print out the form “Changing a temporary address into a permanent address” in advance.

Changing a temporary address into a permanent address

2. Book an appointment

Book an appointment

3. Bring your valid passport or identity card with a photograph.

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