Download Card Reader Software

Digital and Population Data Services Agency offers mPollux DigiSign Client card reader software free of charge to users of the citizen or organisation certificates it issues.

To get access to the card reader software, accept the licensing terms during installation. We recommend that you use the most recent version of the card reader software.

Installing older versions of the card reader software or third party middleware software on the same computer alongside DigiSign Client may result in compatibility issues. Such use is at the user’s own risk, and DVV does not provide technical support for compatibility issues stemming from such use.

Older Windows versions than 10 are no longer supported. DigiSign may work with Windows 7, but the operating system’s support has ended in 2020 which means its use cannot be recommended for information security reasons. DigiSign functionality is no longer tested with Windows 7.

Download the newest Windows version
Download Windows exe version (4.2.6)
Common EXE packet for 32bit and 64bit Windows versions

Download the newest Linux version
Download Linux version (4.2.6b Ubuntu 64-bit -version)

Download the newest Mac version
Download Mac version (4.2.6) (10.13 and newer)

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