VAHTI network develops digital security

The VAHTI network brings together the management of organisations responsible for developing and steering digital security and experts responsible for digital security. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency is responsible for VAHTI activities. 

VAHTI includes

  • the management board of public administration's digital security
  • a wide network of digital security experts who meet in working groups
  • a network of persons responsible for information security in government.

We work together to create more smooth and digitally secure society.

Finnish Public Sector Digital Security Management Board (VAHTI)

The VAHTI management board includes public administration organisations responsible for developing digital security and providing key services. The management board includes circa 70 people from nearly 40 organisations. The board meets 5 times a year.

The board is tasked with coordinating cooperation, sharing the situational overview on digital security, developing common practices and sharing best practices for developing digital security in public administration.

VAHTI working groups

The task of the working groups is to advance different areas of digital security by producing good practices, tools and templates that help organisations develop their digital security.

The working groups include:

  • development of risk management
  • development of business continuity and preparedness
  • development of digital security in ICT services
  • development of data protection
  • development of digital security competence.

VAHTI network of persons responsible for information security in government

The network promotes co-operation between the individuals and organisations responsible for information security in government. 

The tasks of the network include:

  • sharing current situational awareness and good practices related to information security
  • participation in digital security development tasks and programmes, as resources allow
  • development of cooperation, materials and communications related to digital security.

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