Digitukiteko recognition award

The first Digitukiteko recognition award was rewarded during the Digital Skills Week on Friday 12 May 2023 in Helsinki, at the University of Helsinki’s Think Corner.



The recipient of the recognition was chosen by the annually changing panel consisting of digital support and digital competence professionals.


Digitukiteko recognition award panel in 2023

  • Tiina Etelämäki, Chief Specialist, Finnish Association for the Welfare of Older Adults
  • Artem Kuosti, Project Manager, Moniheli ry
  • Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts, Executive Director, TIEKE Information Society Development Centre
  • Leena Nyman, Adviser, Confederation of Finnish Industries
  • Sami Tantarinmäki, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Satu Timperi, Project Manager, Kehitysvammatuki 57 ry

Features of the Digitukiteko recognition award in 2023

In 2023, a digital support deed worthy of recognition met the following criteria:


  • Through their activities, the recipient has developed the contents of digital support or digital competence in a customer-oriented and insightful manner.
  • The recognition recipient makes it easier for people in need of digital support to act and take part in the digital society.
  • The annually changing criterion this year will be digital courage: the recipient has displayed digital courage in their own work. Digital courage is enabled by an operating environment that permits learning, the individual’s positive perception of their own ability to learn and know, human-oriented services and hardware and quick access to empathic help.
  • The recognition can be awarded to an individual, a working group, an organisation or a project.

Who should receive the 2023 Digitukiteko award?

We accepted nominations for the recipient of the Digitukiteko recognition award between 10 March and 14 April 2023, and we received 31 nominations from all over Finland!


The number and diversity of the nominations were a pleasant surprise for the Digitukiteko recognition award panel. They reflect the need for digital support, its availability and the digital society in an interesting and topical manner. The importance of digital courage in providing digital support was strongly highlighted in the nominations.

The remote support service provided by the Finnish Deafblind Association was announced as the winner of the Digitukiteko recognition award. In addition, an honourable mention was awarded to the Ikääntyvien laitelainaamo (device library for the elderly) of the Vanhusten Turva foundation and the Verkko haltuun project (digital skills and inclusion) of Oulun Kehitysvammaisten Tuki ry.

Read more in our press release Digitukiteko recognition award of 2023 to the Remote support service for the deaf-blind people.

All candidates are listed below and divided into five different groups: projects, individuals and teams, learning and support materials, operating models, and communications and communities.




  • DigiHelppi project: co-creation project by Liminka, Tyrnävä and Utajärvi. Project employees Heidi Niemelä and Nea Tuomaala.
  • Increasing digital inclusion and courage to use digital services among customers in need of special support in a fun and positive way, the Arki digittää project by Honkalampi Foundation.
  • Digital skills supporting inclusion and communality, target group: persons with intellectual disabilities and their close networks. Verkko haltuun project by Oulun Kehitysvammaisten Tuki ry.
  • Mennään verkkoon project, Finnish Movement Disorders Association.
  • Improving inclusion and employment through digital skills training for unemployed jobseekers. City of Helsinki Employment Services, Digital Working Life project.
  • A soft coaching approach in the coaching of basic digital skills, the "Yhdessä oppien digitaidot haltuun " project, the Live Foundation.
  • Supporting each other digital group. A peer support group aimed at people with movement disorders and their loved ones. 

People and teams

  • Aki Ruuskanen, digital supporter, Jelppiaku.
  • Ari Hevonkoski, digital supporter, Kengännumeroa ei tarvitse vaihtaa.
  • Digital workers Mikko Ruuskanen, Oulu University Service Counsellor and Mika Suoperä, Planning Officer of the City of Pudasjärvi.
  • Tiina Brunell, Executive Director of Savonet, Tartu verkkoon.
  • Coaches of the Digital skills for work project.  KVS Foundation and South Helsinki Adult Education Centre: Seija Purhonen, Marja Juhola and Kaisa Välivehmas; Study Centre Sivis: Anu Törrö, Ville Särkelä and Tiina Tanskanen-Kudjoi; Three districts of the Martha Association (South Karelia, Häme and Uusimaa): Olga Aula, Katri Pellikka, Jaana Lehrbäck, Kati Koskela, Enni Tuuliainen and Tuija Kokkonen.
  • Yuri Kitaba, Multicultural Digital Supporter DigiUp project, Moniheli ry. 

Learning and support materials

  • Puhelimen pomoksi non-fiction book series, Aino-Mari Tuuri (Tammi).
  • Yle's Digitreenit online package. Editors of Yle Oppiminen. 

Operating models

  • Asiaa ja yhdessäoloa, Association of the Visually Impaired in Tampere Region.
  • Digital Buddy, Finnish Hearing Association.
  • Digital Ambassadors, City of Lahti.
  • Digital support for older people, the University of Jyväskylä.
  • Hailuoto Digital Support, Hailuoto Municipality's Digital Support Advisor Jere Kangas.
  • Device library for older persons, Vanhusten Turva Foundation.
  • Ilmainen Verkkopuoti, Digital workshop. Lahti Diaconia Institute and LAB University of Applied Sciences).
  • Remote support for deaf-blind people, Finnish Deaf-blind association/ ICT services.
  • Mukanetti ry's operations, CEO Eija-Riitta Kortesluoma.
  • SeniorSurf's remote digital support service, SeniorSurf activities of the Finnish Association for the Welfare of Older Adults.
  • Stödchatten Ärligt talat är unik i sitt slag och erbjuder kostnadsfritt och anonymt stöd av psykologer och övriga sakkunniga online för unga och unga vuxna i frågor om psykisk ohälsa m.m., Föreningen Luckans stödchatt Ärligt talat.
  • Tartu Digiin tour, Central Ostrobothnia wellbeing services county Soite.
  • Vantaalla digituki ei ole mörkö, the digital support team of the City of Vantaa. 

Communications and communities

  • Digital support symbol, SeniorSurf and Laurea University of Applied Sciences.
  • The Mimmit koodaa community supports the development of juniors into senior experts in the IT sector.
  • "Ilman junnuja ei oo sennuja!", Mimmit koodaa, Milja Köpsi.
  • Yle Digitreenit Facebook group, editors of Yle Oppiminen and Katja Solla