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Continuing power of attorney, i.e. anticipating the need for support

Why choose to make a continuing power of attorney?

You can anticipate your need for support and prepare a continuing power of attorney in case you later become unable to manage your affairs. The authorisation is recorded in a power of attorney, in which you can name the person who will have the right to manage your affairs. You can also state how your affairs may be managed and specify how the attorney's activities are to be supervised. It is therefore a more flexible and lighter way of organising the management of your affairs for the future than appointing a guardian. 

Watch our short video: Continuing power of attorney – when you want to decide for yourself 

How does the continuing power of attorney work? 

Granter: preparing the continuing power of attorney:

Attorney: confirmation of the power of attorney:

Acting as an attorney:

If you are considering options for taking care of your loved ones, you will find help in an easy guide. There you will find instructions and services that are right for your situation. Go to guide Guardianship or continuing power of attorney in

Using digital services as an attorney with a continuing power of attorney | 
If the continuing power of attorney grants you to right to manage financial affairs, you can act on behalf of your granter, for example, in the digital services of the Finnish Tax Administration and Traficom and other services that use Authorizations to check the right to act 

Read more: Acting on behalf of a granter of a continuing power of attorney, web service


The cost for the confirmation of continuing power of attorney is EUR 130.

Processing time for confirming a continuing power of attorney 

The average processing time is 2–3 months. In specific cases, there are currently delays in processing of these matter. 

Submit all the necessary documents at once to speed up the process. Read our website thoroughly to ensure you have the necessary attachments.

If you want to speed up the processing of your application, send the request in writing with a justification through secure mail. Select [email protected] as the address.

On power of attorney elsewhere

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