Guardianship ends 

Below is a list of different situations in which guardianship ends. You can read more detailed instructions on what to do in this situation.

If you are a client and want your guardianship to be discontinued, discuss the matter with your guardian first. You can jointly apply for the termination of guardianship from us if your guardian feels that you no longer need guardianship. 

If you cannot agree with your guardian on the end of the need for guardianship, we cannot order the guardianship to cease. In this situation, you can apply to the District Court for the termination of guardianship alone.  

Situations in which guardianship ends 


The appointment of a guardian or termination of guardianship costs EUR 123 per decision.

The fee shall not be charged if the applicant's net income (including different social benefits) is less than EUR 8,147 per year. 

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