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Contact the Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s Communications Department. You can reach us during office hours at +358 295 535 060.
If necessary, see also the more specific contact details for Communications.

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The media bank’s images can be used in connection with articles about our activities. The images or our logo are not intended for commercial purposes. Click on the image to download a larger file.

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How to submit a data request for journalistic purposes

When you need information related to names or other population information for journalistic purposes, you can submit a request for data sampling (data request).

As the Digital and Population Data Services Agency is not a statistical authority, we do not regularly produce ready-to-use statistics. Instead, we tailor data sampling for the media on a case-by-case basis.

Our statistical material cannot be directly compared with the material produced by other organisations. The differences are caused by the date of the sampling and the restricting criteria used, among other things. The official statistical authority in Finland is Statistics Finland.

You can familiarise yourself with the Population Information System and the information contained in it.

Your will find our ready-to-use data material at

The sampled data is usually delivered as Excel files. The delivery time depends of the amount of work and the work situation, and will be estimated in connection with the order.

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