Moving abroad 

Submit a notification of move using the instructions on this page when you move abroad from Finland However, if you move from Finland to another Nordic country, use the instructions on the moving between the Nordic countries page to submit the notification.  

The mover is obliged to notify us of her or his move abroad. We cannot correct the data in the Population Information System afterwards, and incorrect data may later make it difficult to manage matters in Finland. It is important that you provide us with your foreign address so that the Finnish authorities can reach you more quickly in matters concerning you, such as pension decisions and military service letters. You can also get a passport faster. 

Do the following 

1. Are you moving from Finland temporarily or permanently?  

Temporary move means moving abroad for a period shorter than one year. In the notification of move, you must indicate the end date of residence abroad. 

In this case, your municipality of residence will remain the municipality of departure in Finland, and the rights and obligations associated with it will apply to you.  

In other cases, your move is permanent. In such a case, you no longer have a municipality of residence in Finland. For example, you will no longer be able to vote in municipal elections and the rights and obligations related to the municipality of residence do not apply to you. 

Note: In a special situation, we can also mark move as temporary for longer than a year. Such a special situation requires that you have a closer connection to Finland than to your foreign country of residence based on your living conditions. In this situation, you can stay abroad for a maximum of three years. However, if you live abroad for more than three years, it is a question of permanent emigration. 

2. Submit a notification of move in the joint online service of us and Posti. To identify yourself, you need Finnish online banking codes or a mobile certificate.  

Submit a notification of move 

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