Guardian needs a permission 

As a guardian, you will need a permission to act on your client's behalf to carry out actions that are significant with regard to them. These matters are listed below. 

Please apply for permission in advance. You can submit the application when you already know the details of the planned action and are able to attach a draft document for the action to your application. 

However, before applying for a permit, make sure that you can represent your client in the intended action, i.e., you are not disqualified.  

Do as follows 

1. Check whether you need a permit for the planned action.  

The list below shows which actions require a permission and in which situations. 

2. Make sure that you are not disqualified from representing your client in the action you are planning to take. 

You may be disqualified to represent your client, for example, if you yourself or someone close to you is a party to a transaction or division of inheritance. In this case, you must apply from us for the appointment of a substitute guardian for yourself. After that, the substitute guardian we appoint will apply from us for a permit for the intended action.  

3. If your client is a minor aged 15 or over, find out their opinion on the planned transaction. 

As guardian, it is your duty to contact your client and find out their opinion. Attach your client's written opinion to the application either in the section reserved for it in the permit application or by means of a separate consent form (in Finnish)

4.Submit a permit application (in Finnish). 

Fill in the permit application. Describe in concrete terms which action you intend to take and explain why it is in your client's best interest. Save the form for yourself before you start filling it in. 

Check the list above to see which attachments your planned action requires. Attach them to your application. 

If you send documents by e-mail, add each document as a separate complete file, not as individual pages. They must also be in a readable format (e.g., PDF). Also, avoid files that are too large: for example, do not scan all documents into the same file. 

5. Submit the signed and scanned application and its attachments to us.  

You can submit them to us 

It will speed up the processing of your permit application if you submit all the necessary documents at the same time. You can find a list of the documents needed in each case in the first section under the action you have planned.  


The price of the permit decision and the decision to confirm the property management plan is EUR 184 per decision. 

The price for a decision concerning the division of property or distribution of inheritance will be determined by the size of the net worth that is being divided. 

When the divided net worth is 

  • at most 85,000 euros, the decision will cost EUR 184 
  • 85,001 – 170,000 euros, the decision will cost EUR 324 
  • more than 170,001 euros, the decision will cost EUR 444. 

If the permit is needed in matters related to the property of an estate, the estate will then also be responsible for paying the fee. 

Processing time 

The average processing time depends on the nature and content of the permit affair:  

  • trade permits, approximately 1 to 2 months 
  • permits related to division of property and inheritance, approximately 4 to 6 months  
  • other permits, approximately 2 to 3 months. 

In individual cases, the processing time may be less or more than this depending on the extent and complexity of the matter. Processing times are longer when not all necessary reports have been included as attachments to the application. 

We will process applications in their order of arrival. 

6. We process your application. Wait for our decision.  

We will process your application and check that the action you are planning is in the best interest of your client. 

If we need any additional information or other documentation, we will send a request for supplementary data electronically to the Messages service or via email, by post as a letter or by phone. 

7. We deliver the decision to you. 

We will deliver the permit decision to you either by post or email if you have given a separate permission to do so in the application. 

8. If you are not satisfied with the decision, you have the right to appeal against it to an Administrative Court.  

The instructions on how to do this are attached to the decision. 

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