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The responsibilities of the guardian of a minor 

When the property in a child’s name exceeds EUR 20,000, their guardian must inform us of this fact. We advise guardians in the management of a minor’s property and supervise their activities. The guardian’s duties include drawing up a property inventory, an annual statement and a final statement. 

In addition to your notification, we may be informed of the minor’s property by another source, such as the person preparing an estate inventory, a legal aid office, or insurance company when the minor receives insurance compensation, or when you apply for a permit or substitute from us. 

What must the guardian do? 

The parents or guardians who have custody of a minor act as the minor’s guardians and are jointly responsible for the management of the minor’s property. If a minor has two guardians, they must both sign the applications, notifications and account forms.  

In certain situations, you cannot act as the minor’s guardian and will instead need a substitute. Read more about these situations and how to apply for a substitute.

Certain actions require our permission. Read more about these actions and how to apply for permit. 

Once the guardianship of a minor has been entered in the register: 

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Laws related to the matter

Guardianship Services Act (442/1999)