Report on family relationships

You can order a report on family relationships, for example, for estate inventory purposes. 

Report on family relationships for estate inventory 

A report on family relationships showing the heirs of the deceased person may consist of several different certificates.  

You will need at least a report on family relationships of the deceased from the age of 15 to the date of death.  


See video: Report on family relationships for estate inventory 

Link to video:  Report on family relationships for estate inventory 

Where can I order a report on family relationships? 

In addition to us, reports on family relationships are prepared by the Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Orthodox Church, and the National Archives of Finland. Churches will prepare a report on family relationships for the period of their membership and we for the remainder of the time. 

Select which of the following describes the deceased person's situation and follow the instructions.

Do the following when ordering a report from us

Fill in and send the form in the electronic service. Sending the electronic form requires strong identification.

Online form 

You can also order a report on family relationships by phone or email.

Checklist before using the service

Be prepared to provide the following information when you order the report:

  • the name and personal identity code/date of birth of the person for whom you order the report
  • the date of death
  • the purpose of the report (for example, for an estate inventory)
  • if the purpose is an estate inventory, whose estate is it?
  • your contact details
  • invoicing details


Processing time

  • 3 weeks

Life certificate for estate inventory 

You will only need a life certificate for an estate inventory when the report on family relationships does not indicate that you are alive. For this reason, you should first check whether the information is available in the reports on family relationships you have received from us and/or the Church. 

You can order a certificate of yourself from

If you are a shareholder in the estate and live abroad, get a life certificate from the local registration authority of your country of residence, a notary public or the Finnish embassy. You can also get it from us, from the notary public, when you visit Finland. 

Frequently asked questions 

Contents of the report on family relationships and ordering it

Report on family relationships and estate inventory 

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You can find information on matters related to death, estate inventory and distribution of inheritance in the guide 'Death of a loved one' on

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