Report on family relationships

A report on family relationships is most commonly needed for estate inventories so that the heirs of the deceased can be determined. You can order a report on family relationships, for example, if you are the person drawing up the deeds of estate inventory, a stakeholder of the estate, a beneficiary in the will or some other person who needs the report for an accepted purpose.

You can order a report on the family relationships of a person from the Digital and Population Data Services

Agency for the time period the person has been recorded in the population register or has been a member of a religious community. You can also order a report on family relationships for a time period starting after 1 October 1999 for a person who has been a member of the Evangelical Lutheran or Orthodox church.

You will need a report on the family relationships of the deceased person from the age of 15 until the date of death, for example, for an estate declaration. In some cases, you may also need a report on the family relationships of the spouses, the previously deceased heirs and the persons who have given up their right to the inheritance to be able to determine the heirs.

In addition to the personal data, transfers between parishes and the population register, moving abroad and back to Finland, and the details of the spouses and children will be included in the report on family relationships. In some cases, the parents’ details are also recorded in the report on family relationships.

Voit tilata Digi- ja väestötietovirastosta sukuselvityksen henkilöstä siltä ajalta, kun hän on kuulunut väestörekisteriin tai uskonnolliseen yhdyskuntaan. Lisäksi voit tilata sukuselvityksen 1.10.1999 jälkeiseltä ajalta myös evankelisluterilaiseen tai ortodoksiseen seurakuntaan kuuluneesta henkilöstä.

Tarvitset vainajasta sukuselvitykset esimerkiksi perunkirjoitusta varten 15 ikävuodesta alkaen kuolinpäivään asti.

Saatat tarvita tapauskohtaisesti sukuselvityksen myös aviopuolisoista, aiemmin kuolleista perillisistä ja perinnöstä luopuneista henkilöistä perillisten selvittämiseksi.

Sukuselvitykseen merkitään henkilön tietojen lisäksi seurakuntien ja väestörekisterin väliset muutot sekä muutot ulkomaille ja takaisin sekä tiedot puolisoista ja lapsista. Joissain tapauksissa sukuselvitykseen merkitään myös tiedot vanhemmista.

Checklist before using the service

Be prepared to provide the following information when you order the report:

  • the name and personal identity code/date of birth of the person for whom you order the report
  • the date of death (if the person is deceased)
  • the purpose of the report (for example, for an estate inventory)
  • if the purpose is an estate inventory, whose estate is it?
  • your contact details
  • invoicing details

Do the following

Fill in and send the form in the electronic service. Sending the electronic form requires strong identification.

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9 euros (the report on family relationships contains information only from the Population Information System)

45 euros (the report on family relationships contains information from population registers and the Population Information System)

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