Identification e-Identification is a joint identification service for public administration. Customer organisations can use the service to identify end-users in their own digital services. e-Identification makes it easier, more secure and more cost-effective for customer organisations to implement their own services.

The end-user logs into e-Identification with a Finnish token that uses strong authentication methods. With a single sign-on the end user can safely access all digital services in public administration that have been connected to e-Identification.

In addition to the Finnish tokens, it is also possible to log into the service by using the European eIDAS tokens. e-Identification verifies the identification data offered by the token by comparing it with the information in the Population Information System. If the end user has been authenticated using a strong authentication method, the information is complemented with information from the Population Information System according to the needs of the e-service. Public administration organisations can join the service and use it free of charge. The costs incurred for the use of the tokens are managed centrally by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. e-Identification supports online banking codes, the mobile certificate and the certificate card (electronic ID card, organisation card and healthcare smart card). All these tokens are available to the e-service through a single technical interface. Changes in the selection of offered tokens do not require the e-service to make any technical changes or conclude separate agreements.

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To commission the Identification service, familiarise yourself with the service in greater detail at Service Management and start the commissioning process.

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